Dow’s Port ダウズ・ポート



Founded in 1798 over two centuries ago, Dow’s was the first British Port producer to invest extensively in premium vineyards, acquiring Senhora da Ribeira in 1890 and Bomfim in 1896. These superb vineyards are fundamental to the outstanding reputation that Dow’s has long enjoyed, particularly its Vintage Ports, which have been landmark wines in virtually every great year, consistently setting the standard amongst all Port houses.
Still a family-owned business to this day, besides its excellent Vintage Ports it boasts an extensive portfolio of other fine Ports, including everyday wines such as the classically structured Late Bottled Vintage or the smooth 10 Years Old Tawny Port. This great Port house continues to deliver extraordinary quality in what it produces, proof of which was the recognition by Wine Spectator in their Top 100 Wines list of 2014, of the Dow’s Vintage Port 2011 as the #1 Best Wine in the World, a feat only achievable by the greats.

Information インフォメーション :
Address 住所 : Travessa Barão de Forrester, 86 | Apartado 26
Postcode 郵便番号 : 4431-901
City 市 : Vila Nova de Gaia
Country 国 : Portugal
Phone 電話 : +351 223 776 300
Email : [email protected]
Website ホームページ :