Champagne Boizel シャンパーニュ・ボワゼル


歴史を通じて、フィネスと優雅さはボワゼル スタイルを表しており、フランス国内外の一流の鑑定家達に称賛されています。シャンパーニュ愛好家達の最高級の食卓、名誉あるイベントでサーヴされています。

Founded in 1834 by a Champagne family passionate by the wines of its region, the Boizel House was established in Epernay, heart of the Champagne region. Even before the creation of the House, the Boizels cultivated vineyards in some of the most well-known crus such as Avize, Aÿ and Etoges. Thanks to the detailed knowledge of the Champagne terroir developed by each generation, the House has access to grapes coming from the best crus of the region, which is essential in order to create great Champagnes. From the vineyards to the cellars, decisions are made to respect the natural qualities of the wine. Throughout its history, the finesse and the elegance defining the Boizel style have been appreciated by discnerning connoisseurs in France and abroad. Boizel Champagnes are served on the finest tables and at the most prestigious events for the pleasure of Champagne lovers. Since 2018, the House welcomes its visitors from around the world for a unique Champagne experience in its Atelier 1834 and its cellar under the Avenue de Champagne, classified by Unesco as a world heritage site. Its traditional know-how, dynamism and modernity are always at the service of the constant quest for excellence.


  • Information インフォメーション :
    Address 住所 : 46, Avenue de Champagne
    Postcode 郵便番号 : 51200
    City 市 : Epernay
    Country 国 : France
    Phone 電話 : +33 (0)3 26 55 21 51Email : [email protected]
    Website ホームページ :