Gérard Bertrand ジェラール・ベルトラン


Gerard Bertrand is an authentic ambassador from the South of France, born and raised in Languedoc Roussillon, largest wine region in the world. We are a family owned winery, run by founder and winemaker, a man who embodies the values of the brand, excellence and innovation.He has a clear vision for his wine region acting as pioneer and benchmark producer for 30 years.Gerard Bertrand owns 15 estates and is pioneer and leader of organic and biodynamic wines in France.

  • Information インフォメーション :
    Address 住所 : Château l’Hospitalet-Route de Narbonne Plage
    Postcode 郵便番号 : 11100
    City 市 : Narbonne
    Country 国 : France
    Phone 電話 : +33 (0)4 68 45 28 50
    Email : [email protected]
    Website ホームページ : www.gerard-bertrand.com