Precisione Wine Company プレシジョン・ワイン



Just as the name suggests, Precision Wine Co. presents a distinguished collection of wines, each made with precise attention to detail and a commitment to quality from the grapes to the packaging. Our wines are layered with complex and delicious flavors, showcasing the unique characteristics of California’s appellations and regions.

Our proprietor, vintner Trevor Sheehan, began his journey in the wine profession 10 years ago. After spending nearly a decade learning from the master winemakers of Burgundy and Bordeaux while collecting and trading the world’s finest wines, he became determined to create brands that unlock the essence and flavors of these treasures at affordable prices.


  • Information インフォメーション :
    Address 住所 : 15 Marsala way
    Postcode 郵便番号 : 94558
    City 市 : Napa
    Country 国 : California
    Phone 電話 : +1 (818) 259-5627‬
    Email : [email protected]
    Website ホームページ :