Kettmeir ケットマイヤー


Nestled amongst the vineyards of Caldaro in the Italian region of Alto Adige, Kettmeir is a historic winery founded in 1919. Since its inception, Kettmeir has been testimony to the deeply-rooted culture of wine-making in Alto Adige and its particularly favourable weather conditions. A cutting-edge winery, able to get the very best from the local grapes grown both on the valley floor and at altitude, Kettmeir makes elegant wines full of aroma and provenance. The high altitudes, so generously offered up by Alto Adige, the cool north winds which meet warm Mediterannean currents and the distinct temperature fluctuations create the ideal setting for Kettmeir’s sparkling wines. Naturally elegant, instinctively refined, the bubbles of Metodo Classico Kettmeir release intense aroma and delicious freshness right from the first sip.

Information インフォメーション :
Address 住所 : Via delle Cantine, 4
Postcode 郵便番号 : 39052
City 市 : Caldaro (BZ)
Country 国 : Italy
Phone 電話 : +39 (0)2 23 18 75 15
Email : [email protected]
Website ホームページ :