Château de Lastours シャトー・ド・ラストゥール


Château de Lastours is one of the most outstanding wine estates in the Languedoc region. Located in the remarkable terroir of the “Corbières Maritime”, the 1.000 hectares property is divided in 100 hectares of vineyard and 10 hectares of olive trees spread over the heart of the garrigue. Made of clay and limestone, our terroir was discovered by the countess Ermengarde of Narbonne. Its distinctiveness has renowned since the 12th century. It is alongside an old communication road dated from the roman empire called “Via Domitia”.

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Located in the Mediterranean sector of the Corbières, the estate was bought by the Allard family, who also manage Château Laroque in Saint-Émilion. Major work has been carried out on the property to restore Lastours to its former glory, both in terms of technical equipment and in the massive replanting of the vineyard. To go even further, a brand new winery has been commissioned. Since 2012, the talented Stéphane Derenoncourt, a highly regarded consultant, has been overseeing the estate. The Lastours site is also home to a motor racing circuit where the best racing teams come to train, as well as a wine tourism complex, with quality restaurants and hotels.

Information インフォメーション :
Address 住所 : Château de Lastours
Postcode 郵便番号 : 11490
City 市 : Portel des Corbières
Country 国 : France
Phone 電話 : +33 (0)4 68 48 64 74
Email : [email protected]
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