Odfjell オッドフェル


Premium wine producer with strong knowledge producing classic grape varieties  as Cabernet, Merlot, Carmenere but also quite a distinctive mission of exploration and innovation. This is how we have being pioneers on the development of Carignan and Malbec among others. With our Biodynamic farming and winemaking technique, we look for honest wines that express authenticity and energy of our terroirs with elegance, freshness and juiciness as style that characterizes us.

  • Information インフォメーション :
    Address 住所 : Camino Viejo a Valparaiso 7000, Padre Hurtado
    Postcode 郵便番号 : 9710000
    City 市 : Santiago
    Country 国 : Chile
    Phone 電話 : 56228762814
    Email : [email protected]
    Website ホームページ : www.odfjellvineyards.cl