Jean Baptiste Audy  ジャン・バティスト・オーディ


Preparing, draining, planting, everything was done from scratch on this beautifully gravelly terroir, shot through with sandy-clay, recognized by critics for its success from the very first vintage. It takes part of its name from Pomerol, reflecting its tannins and the century of experience of the Figeac-Bourotte family in this neighbouring appellation.
All the rest comes from its own delicate, seductive personality.

    • Information インフォメーション :
      Address 住所 : Lalande de Pomerol
      Postcode 郵便番号 : 33500
      City 市 : Lalande de Pomerol
      Country 国 : France
      Phone 電話 : (+852) 9318 4484
      Email : [email protected]
      Website ホームページ :