Domaine Serene ドメーヌ・セレーヌ


2001年にエヴァンスタッドは、絵に描いたような、5階建ての重力で動く最新式ワイナリーを竣工し、世界最高峰のピノ・ノワールワインを生産できる設計がなされています。持続可能な農法と醸造法を用いることで、ワインの品質を最大限高めると共に、熟成させる価値のある複雑でバランスが取れ、エレガントなワインを造っています。1990の初ヴィンテージ以来、賞獲得ワインを生産しており、エヴァンスタッド リザーヴ ピノ・ノワールはワインスペクテーターから2013年に世界第3位ワインの評価を受けました。品質向上と革新を常に追求することで、ドメーヌ・セリーヌは上質なピノ・ノワールとシャルドネワインの代表的リーダーとして世界中で知られています。

Grace and Ken Evenstad first arrived and settled in the Dundee Hills in the Willamette Valley in 1989. The Evenstads had faith in Oregon early on. When the time came to pursue their longtime dream of growing and producing world class Pinot Noir, they invested in a 42 acre hilltop estate that had just been logged in the beautiful Dundee Hills of Oregon. With the support of their family – and to the surprise of many of their friends in Minnesota – the Evenstads established Domaine Serene, effectively creating Oregon’s luxury wine industry. They named the winery after their daughter, Serene, and their first vineyard on the estate was named after their son, Mark Bradford Evenstad.

Today, Domaine Serene produces Pinot Noir from six vineyard estates, spanning three Willamette Valley AVAs, and Chardonnay solely from high elevations in the Dundee Hills. In 2001, the Evenstads completed construction of the picturesque, state-of-the art, five-level, gravity flow winery specifically designed to make world class Pinot Noir. Their sustainable vineyard management and winemaking practices are intended to maximize the quality of the wines and to ensure complex, balanced and elegant wines that are age-worthy. Since the first vintage in 1990, Domaine Serene has produced award winning wines, including Evenstad Reserve Pinot Noir, recognized as the World’s #3 Wine of 2013 by Wine Spectator Magazine. Through the continuous pursuit of quality and innovation, Domaine Serene has garnered global recognition as an iconic quality leader of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

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