Cà Maiol カ・マイオル


The history of Cà Maiol is linked to the precious Lugana since 1967, when it was founded on those banks south of Lake Garda, where the Trebbiano vineyards have always given their best. Preserving the winemaking tradition of the area and being bearers of productive innovation are the objectives of Cà Maiol since its inception.Objectives that are renewed until today, counting on the 110 hectares of land of the estate, fertile custodians of an advanced wine production, and a wine with a strong local identity but capable, thanks to its unique texture and its contemporary design, to conquer international palates.

Information インフォメーション :
Address 住所 : Via dei Colli Storici, 119
Postcode 郵便番号 : 25015
City 市 : Desenzano del Garda
Country 国 : Italy
Email : [email protected]
Website ホームページ : www.camaiol.it