Bodegas y Viñedos Verum ボデガス・y・ヴィネドス・ヴェルム

ロペス・モンテロ家は200年以上カスティーリャ・ラ・マンチャで葡萄栽培をしワインを造ってきました。豊かな経験により、こんにち地域の先導的生産者の1つとなり、比較的未知で過小評価されている地域からユニークなスパニッシュワインを造り出しています。 ヴェルムはスペイン語で「真実」を意味し、真実の家族、真実の大地、真実のワインというブランドのコンセプトとなっています。ヴェルムはカスティーリャ・ラ・マンチャの精神を真実に表すワインを造っています。 ワイナリーはラ・マンチャの中心にあるトメロッソの年間降雨量の非常に少ない630mの高台に位置し、良く晴れて乾燥した気候は葡萄の生育にとって素晴らしい条件となり、どの葡萄品種の栽培においてもオーガニック認証獲得しています。 素晴らしいストラクチャー、水はけ、間隙率のある石灰岩土壌は赤ワインに滑らかなタンニンを与え、白ワインにリフレッシュな酸味を与えます。葡萄を丁寧に扱う為に全て手摘み収穫を行い、あまり干渉しない醸造は生産されるワインそれぞれが持つ最も純粋な表現を可能にしています。

The Lopez Montero family, who own and run Bodegas Verum, have been growing grapes and making wines in Castilla-La Mancha for over 200 years. Their wealth of experience has led them to where they are today, one of the leading producers in the region, crafting unique expressions of Spanish wines from this relatively undiscovered and undervalued region.
Verum means ‘truth’ in Spanish, a concept which forms the backbone of this brand’s philosophy: the truth of a family, the truth of their land, and the truth of their wines. By being true to themselves, working in an honest way, with a strong attachment to their land and vineyards, Verum is able to produce true expressions of wines that encapsulate the heart and soul of Castilla-La Mancha.
The estate is located in Tomelloso, in the heart of La Mancha, on a plateau that rises 630 metres above sea level and where annual rainfall is extremely low at just 300 mm/m2. The sunny, dry climate provides excellent conditions for grape growing and has allowed Verum to achieve organic certification in every variety they produce. The limestone soils, which have excellent structure, drainage and porosity, give the red wines their velvety smooth tannins and the whites their refreshing acidity. Harvest is carried out entirely by hand to ensure the most gentle handling of the grapes, and low intervention winemaking guarantees the purest expression of each wine produced. With four ranges to chose from, Verum really does have a wine for every drinker and for every occasion! Trailblazers by nature, Verum’s Ulterior range focuses on indigenous Spanish varieties developed to deal with the ever-increasing effects of climate change. Made using low intervention and traditional winemaking techniques such as ageing in large, old oak casks and amphoras, these wines express a highly unique sense of place.

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    Address 住所 : N-310, 228
    Postcode 郵便番号 : 13700
    City 市 : Tomelloso
    Country 国 : Spain
    Phone 電話 : (+34) 926 511 404
    Email : [email protected]
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